Extelligence - Information Matters

The InfoMatters Podcast is a brainchild of Extelligence, a technology consultancy company founded in 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic. Specializing in tailored end-to-end information management solutions, Extelligence has organically grown with a diverse portfolio, catering to industries such as pharma, logistics, telecoms, finance, and healthcare.

As a respected information security consultancy in Europe, Extelligence provides comprehensive services in system architecture, security, cloud services, and program management. The company's commitment to high-performance standards, incorporating new technologies and methodologies, sets it apart in the evolving tech landscape.

The Podcast's Origin Story

With a rich consulting history, the InfoMatters Podcast emerges as an avenue to share industry insights gained over the years. Drawing from an extensive network of professionals, the podcast invites distinguished guests who have collaborated with Extelligence. These industry experts bring a wealth of experience to each episode, providing valuable perspectives and insider stories.

Meet the Hosts: Kenny and Danny

Our hosts, Kenny and Danny, seasoned professionals with over two decades of experience in major companies, bring charisma and a seamless dynamic to the podcast. Their adept interviewing skills ensure engaging conversations, making each episode a compelling journey into the realms of data management, information security, and cybersecurity.

Join Us on the InfoMatters Podcast

Follow the InfoMatters Podcast as we explore the latest trends, discuss cutting-edge technologies, and gain firsthand insights from industry leaders. Extelligence proudly presents a podcast where knowledge meets conversation, bridging the gap between professionals and the curious minds in the ever-evolving world of technology.