20/02/2024 - Episode 6: Transformation Tangents with Adler Mobasser

Join hosts Kenny and Danny in Episode 6 of InfoMatters Podcast as they delve into the realm of digital transformation with special guest Adler Mobasser, Director of Business Technology at EUROWAG. Gain valuable insights into fostering a culture of innovation, employee training, and IT change management. Don't miss this enlightening discussion

13/02/2024 - Episode 5: The evolution of super computers with Ward Lemke

Explore the cutting-edge realm of supercomputing in this informative video. Delve into the current limitations and challenges facing supercomputers and discover how researchers are pushing boundaries to overcome them.

06/02/2024 - Episode 4: Network segmentation with Tony Hasek

This episode of InfoMatters brings Tony Hasek, Founder & CEO of Goldilock, into the spotlight to discuss the cutting-edge concept of Network/Device Segmenting. Hosts Kenny and Danny delve into the significance of this innovative approach in fortifying cybersecurity defences. From isolating critical assets to bolstering network resilience amidst cyber threats.

30/01/2024 - Episode 3: Leveraging leadership in cybersecurity with Peter Poul-Graf

This week, our esteemed host takes the guest seat! Join Peter Poul-Graf as he shares essential strategies for leadership success, spanning from cyber threat management to overseeing a global service desk. Gain insights on fostering innovation, promoting diversity, and navigating economic uncertainties. For a unique perspective on mastering leadership in the digital age, don't miss this episode featuring Peter Poul-Graf as our special guest.

23/01/2024 - Episode 2: 7 Layers Of Cyber Security with Joel Fraboni

Cybersecurity expert Joel Fraboni joins us to unravel the world of Security Operations Centers (SOC) and explore fundamental cybersecurity principles. In this episode, dive deep into the seven layers of cybersecurity, gaining insights to fortify your digital defenses. Join us for a conversation that empowers you to become a vigilant guardian of the digital realm.

16/01/2024 - Episode 1: Zero Trust Strategy with David Stennett

In the first episode of the series, we provide an overview of what zero trust strategy means. Together with guest, David Stennett we explore organization-wide security implementation, advanced authentication, identity and access management. With expert insights, you can stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. Don't miss out on exciting tech talks from industry experts.

22/12/2023 - Episode 0: InfoMatters Podcast Coming in 2024

Welcome to the Infomatters Podcast, brought to you by Extelligence! Join our hosts, Kenny and Danny, as they delve into the dynamic world of cybersecurity, information management, and cutting-edge digital discussions. This podcast is your go-to source for insightful conversations with industry professionals, offering a deep dive into the latest trends and challenges. Stay tuned for captivating episodes coming January 2024, featuring expert guests and an upcoming series that promises to unravel the fascinating complexities of the tech landscape.